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by Azone co.,ltd


The size is a small 50cm.
Denim fabric has an image of being heavy, but by using a thin fabric and making the handheld bamboo, we have focused on lightness.
The flower pattern is cute, but the denim color is mature and calm. It is perfect for everyday use and also for yukata, giving it a full summer look.


Whether the manufacturing method and materials are environmentally friendly. Surgical gowns are made to be washable instead of disposable, developed in collaboration with a Japanese synthetic manufacturer and a Swedish company. We also use eco-friendly water for the large amount of water needed to remove the color from denim products, which is filtered and used again and again, and make remade goods from fabrics that have failed in processing.

-Product List-


Japanese Pattern Denim Umbrella

by Azone co.,ltd

Japanese Pattern Denim Parasol

Material: 100% cotton

UV shading rate: 99.5% (UV cut)


[Main frame] 50cm

[Diameter] 85cm

[Total length] (short) 68cm, (long) 77cm (2-step system)
Weight 330g

Country of Origin Made In Japan

[About water repellency and water resistance]

The umbrella is designed to be used as a rain umbrella, but it is not suitable for use in prolonged or heavy rain.

[About the fading of the fabric]

Color fading and sun fading are unavoidable with current dyeing technology. We hope you enjoy the changes that come from using the denim.

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